Payday Express Pasadena Is Your Trusted Neighborhood Payday Loan Store

Payday Express Pasadena Is Your Trusted Neighborhood Payday Loan Store

When the bills need to be paid to avoid penalties or you simply need some fast cash for that amazing gadget that you’ve been looking at for the last six months and which has just gone on special, then a payday loan could be just the right answer. Payday loans are a fast source of cash where the interest to the lender for short-term is much smaller than the option of waiting. This could be the solution for many problems as long as it is managed responsibly.

To avoid holds and wait times you can directly cash or checks, including checks that are usually not cashed quickly by banks, and you’ll walk out of the store with either cash or a prepaid MasterCard or both.

You also have the option of cash advances ranging anywhere from $50-$300 in as little as 15 minutes. There is some paperwork involved however most of the process is automated for your convenience. The cash advance only takes a little bit longer the first time, and then every subsequent time it’s virtually instantaneous.

If it’s late fees for a bill that are stressing you, a payday loan could directly and instantaneously pay the bill and keep your credit score intact and avoid any expenses penalties. You’ll be able to send the payment confirmation within minutes. Don’t ruin your credit score when you can easily pay your mortgage on time in this fashion.

In-store, a team of specialists is available to answer all your questions and direct you for all paperwork requirements. Friendly customer service and direct deposits make your payday loan experience completely painless.